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Tue, May. 15th, 2012, 06:07 pm
annwfyn: Privilege for beginners


A friend of mine posted this on G+ and it was good enough that I wanted to share it. It is a really nice geek friendly way of trying to get the concept of privilege across without provoking the rabid cheetah on steroids response.

It does have failings - for some reason it does mention race, gender and sexuality, but doesn't mention class - and it is very geek centric, but I thought it was definitely worth passing around.

Tue, May. 15th, 2012 05:39 pm (UTC)

I guess the reason they don't delve too much into intersectionality is because the intended audience's brains would probably be overloaded with that information...

It would have been helpful for the author to give them more metaphors relating to the specific privileges/disadvantages. It leaves too much to the imagination, and some people really are too dense and/or ignorant to not only understand privilege, but what privileges they have.

Other than that, a good introductory article.

Tue, May. 15th, 2012 06:25 pm (UTC)

thanks for posting this

Tue, May. 15th, 2012 06:58 pm (UTC)

I agree completely. If you ever watch a bunch of geek dudes get called out on any ism, prepare for the avalanche of defense. The mention of classism would definitely have exploded some brains.

I'm glad to see someone as prominent as Scalzi talking about it at all. The current "brogrammer" culture could use a serious privilege check right now. I think we may be entering the most severe backlash since Backlash was published.