Sanguinity (sanguinity) wrote in debunkingwhite,

African Style v. "African" Style

blackcigarette had a marvelous picspam about African style, "Don't Sleep On Africa", that gives the photographic lie to what "African" fashion is constructed to mean in the U.S. and Europe. (Examples of the construction: "African" Fashion, Representing Africa; Africans as props for white femininity; Ethnic Fashion; Zebras, "Tribal" prints, it's Afrika! -- posts from Sociological Images and Racialicious.)

Commentary on the picspam from Threadbared, a fashion blog written by two POC academics [emphasis mine]:
The photo-heavy post is a wonderful contrast to those editorials in American and European fashion magazines whose visual vocabularies for "Africa" are unbelievably narrow and alienating. The continued refusal to see the African other as coeval (that is, contemporaneous) with the so-called modern observer, most obviously manifested in the classification of tribal chic, betrays the still-haunting presence of colonial aesthetics in Western art and design.

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