Tabari (maenads_dance) wrote in debunkingwhite,

Business as Usual

Every so often in liberal or otherwise lefty blogs, newspapers, societies, clubs, organizations, charities, etc., there will be a blow-up about race. Something racist will be done and said, someone will object, battle lines will be drawn, and at the end of days of anger, recrimination, and denial, a consensus or peace of some kind will come about more by exhaustion than anything else. Inevitably someone will call for reconciliation, and "moving on" from the difficult process or examining privilege, racism, and bigotry to more positive action.

A month later, it's business as usual.

Cue Jill at Feministe blogging to promote Amanda Marcotte's book.

Holly, another writer - and a WoC, unlike the white Jill - wrote earlier about Marcotte's appropriation-cum-plagiarism of the works of women of color on racism, feminism, and immigration. Most of you probably are very familiar with this drama, but for those who aren't, twenty or so entries down you should be able to read all about it. In the long, bitter threads over at Feministe, and elsewhere over the internet, war was done, and at the end, I naively assumed that people had learned something, and that women and feminists and liberals and decent people would stop promoting Marcotte, understanding that the only way to get through to people that racism reaps no rewards is not to reward them.

But no.

Business as usual. Business as usual. All is forgiven - or rather forgotten - and now it's time to go promote fellow sister and feminist Amanda Marcotte, who is doing "good work" by rehashing feminism 101 and basic Democratic partisanship for the already-convinced.

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