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Wankery in Courses

I'm taking a certificate program in International Community Development and the current unit of Faith Based Organizations has me bubbling with lots of unpleasant things to say. I am supposed to be posting my assignment by tonight on the intro readings about FBOs and decided to read other students who have posted already. I have never seen such denial of missonary racism and it infuriates me. Quoting a book by David Stoesz, one student wrote:

It was refreshing to read Stoesz’s assessment of the positive impacts of faith-based missions.  According to Stoesz, much of the exploitation of indigenous peoples has been at the hands of explorers, not missionaries.  Stoesz goes further to say that missionaries were often defenders of the indigenous people - “(that missionaries) identified with the dreams and aspirations of the indigenous peoples and allied with them to prevent exploitation, whether social, political, or economic….”

Where do I even begin? This unit is clearly geared toward making FBOs look better, and I just refuse to follow along with it. Right now, I can't think of anything particularly scholarly to say - I'm just overwhelmed and thinking OMFGBBQ.

Does anyone have links onhand that I can quote, from an indigenous person's perspective regarding FBOs and missionaries? I have some unread recommended books at home, but I have to find something online to quote easily for my assignment.

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