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Hi! I'm new here, and I'm very new to the process of examining my various priveleges. This is a great community for me to start learning, but I might make some mistakes- so call me out! but be considerate please? :)
I'm also an interested reader of feminist, though they haven't accepted my membership requests yet. I'm a member of kissmyass_cosmo, a community with sort of a self-explanitory name, though it's about way more than Cosmo.
Ok, anyway- I liked that post by karnythia here and in feminist. Somebody in feminist commented with a link to an essay by bell hooks, and I thought the essay was great (gotta read more of her!) I posted my reactions to that article on kissmyass_cosmo:


There are a lot of comments on that thread, but there's one I wanted to ask about over here: that white people wearing dreadlocks is "appropriation".

I'm going to reply to that commenter to ask what they mean by that, but I thought I'd also ask you all to help educate me.

So, after that long explanation :)- What is appropriation? (and what isn't?) How wrong is it? I'd really appreciate your thoughts, thanks!

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