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Latest Tim Wise essay just published

From Tim's MySpace blog:

New Essay on "Ghetto Parties," Campus Racism and the Failure of Mainstream Multiculturalism

Here is my latest essay, dealing with the increasingly frequent display of racism on college campuses, via "ghetto parties," blackface incidents, or other forms of offensive entertainment. The piece examines the ways in which watered-down diversity efforts and multiculturalism, without an examination of power and white supremacy, actually contribute to these kinds of things. It also examines the way in which whites typically downplay the incidents, try to redefine them as something other than racism, or even blame the targets for complaining, rather than allying with folks of color to challenge our white brothers and sisters. Given the commonality of these events this past year--at least fifteen incidents about which I'm aware--this piece might prove helpful as a discussion starter in the coming year.

Here's the link:


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