one_stab (two_stabs) wrote in debunkingwhite,

Looking for a little advice.

First off, I'm not white but I frequently pass as white. My neighborhood is roughly 95% latino.

I've been living here a few months, and (today being the most recent example) have been subject more than once to taunting and shouts from groups of latino men lurking in a shopping plaza, a park, and most recently in a restaurant. Each time it's been a variation on trying to get my attention (Hey! Hey! Come here, white boy! Hey, come here!), with the men joking and mocking. Thus far I've offered a wave and kept walking, without further incident. But I've felt highly umcomfortable once or twice when it was dark outside and I had to pass close by the large men taunting me.

I was curious how folks deal with POC on white (EDIT:) [non-institutional] racism. What do you feel is appropriate in this sort of situation?

ETA: Please try to keep the "it's not my job to educate you" comments and vicious snark to yourselves, please. They're upsetting and if you feel that way, there's really no need to comment unless you're interested in affecting my esteem. This is becoming a serious problem and I would love suggestions on how to curb my rapidly developing negative lens towards latino men.

Tags: 'reverse' racism, appropriation, definitions of race, definitions of racism, white gaze

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