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So I bought my daughter the book "Skippyjon Jones" by Judy Schachner copyright 2003 on the recommendation of 2 clerks at Barnes and Noble. They were telling me how hilarious it was and the cat thinks he's a chihuahua and I"ll LOL reading it etc.

Then I took it home and started to read it and I was pretty shocked reading it to to my daughter, I should have probably stopped. It was so overtly racist. The at one point the book reads, "using his best Spanish accent, he said, "My ears are too beeg for my head, my head ees too beeg for my body...." Then he goes to old Mexico and meets a bunch of chihuahuas called the "Chimichangos"- all who have names that end in -ito like "Poquito Tito" "Pintolito" and "Tia Mia" and "Rosalita" that are looking for the bandito that stole their frijoles. The author also changes a bunch of the words that are English into "Spanish" to be cute like, "buzzito" and "bumblebeeto".

For one thing, the accent that the author claims is "Spanish" is a stereotypical Mexican accent, not Spanish. And adding "ito" to the end of names and words is very disrespectful to the language (this is how ppl make fun of Spanish, duh). The frijoles part..... I'm not even going to go there.

I could not find ONE THING on how this book is racist online so I am emailing the author myself. After I get ammo from all of you, or if you'd like to email her yourself the email is I just thought it was horrible. I am a Spanish teacher and a person of color (not Latina/Spanish). I would never ever read this to my class or any child.
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