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Not Your Token Brown Friend

Ain't No Harajuku Girl


Gwen Stefani neuters Japanese street fashion to create spring's must-have accessory: Giggling geisha!

By MiHi Ahn

There's some -- ahem -- "interesting" discussion of the issue in distressedasian, where I first saw the link to the article posted.

There have been a lot of "get over it" type responses to people complaining about appropriation and objectification, and I can't let it go when someone accuses me of whining. But I do think objectification is the thin edge of the wedge when it comes to antagonistic race relations, and that it can have very real consequences for how people get treated in their daily lives.

But for all the talk of the consequences of publicising certain attitudes, there's not a lot of concrete evidence about those consequences. It'd be a brave hyphenated-Asian woman who spoke out about how her friendships and romances were affected by stereotypes of subservient Asian women, but at the same time, I don't blame anyone for not wanting to make waves.

Still, I'd like to hear more about the politics of peoples' private lives.

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Tags: appropriation, asian, media portrayal, popular culture, white gaze

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