The Atheist Pirate King (captain_brad) wrote in debunkingwhite,
The Atheist Pirate King

When I do watch TV, I tend to just kind of flip channels until I stop wanting to claw my eyes out (it usually ends up being Letterman or something). Last night, I stopped on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, as I'm known to do from time to time for cheap laughs. I managed to tune in just in time to hear an American Indian man explain that just because he had embraced Jesus, that didn't mean he had to turn his back on his "sin stained" past/culture.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who find themselves wrapped up in ironic religous affiliations. Like American Indians and Evangelical Christianity. Anyone of color and Mormonism. You get the idea. I just wanna reach out and smack some sense into them; the Native people for seemingly forgetting that a large reason that so many of their ancestors were obliterated so quickly was those same Evangelicals and their Manifest Destiny...people of color in the Mormon church for failing to read their faith specific scipture, notably the part where they explain dark skin as punishment for sins against God.

Am I the only one?
Tags: assimilation imperative, indigenous peoples

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