June 9th, 2012

Immigration changes in the UK...

I'm not entirely sure whether what I have to say just now is going to be debunky enough, but I'm in a kind of shock, because of personal circumstances that may be about to radically change.

Today Theresa May, the Home Secretary and Minister for Equalities and Women (ha!) briefed MPs on immigration rule changes that will be announced by the Government next week. No word yet on when they intend to roll this out.

Here is the article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/jun/08/immigration-rules-couples-stark-choice

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Two things come to mind:

1. This will fuck LGBT (mainly gay, but I could foresee trans related complications relating to GRCs and marriage equality, and hate laws against trans people in other countries, possibly) couples who are binational where the other country outlaws homosexuality or doesn't recognise gay partnerships for the purpose of immigration.

2. This will fuck women. The average women's salary in the UK is well under the minimum cited by May; women of colour make even less on average than white women and of course there is a race gap in pay for everyone regardless of gender in the first place.

3. This will fuck people of colour and people from "suspect" countries (Yemen and Syria, and Palestinians, are mentioned but it will be for all non-EEA countries) extra hard, like all immigration related policies in the UK currently do. Enforcement measures are always more rigorously and regularly enforced against BAME people and people from certain countries.

4. As terrified as I am by this new policy, because it directly affects me, I can already see the LGBT community here uniting around a couple like the one I'm in- white, British/American, cis lesbian, not disabled, middle class... meaning that the effects on multiracial couples, or trans people, or disabled people, or people from former colonial countries including current Commonwealth countries will be ignored and will probably go unaddressed, meaning it'll continue to be much easier to chip away at their rights.

I thought I'd post it though because it is a really vitally intersectional and scary as shit thing for loads of people- the article says 60% would be affected.